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MISSION: Our Purpose Is Unlocking YOUR Purpose.
VISION: Every buyer/seller we represent, refer and close, allows us to underwrite more Financial Literacy opportunities, especially with the next generation.
And, we literally watch lives change… one life at a time!


Neylan Group International seeks to provide its clients with the highest degree of professionalism and integrity while servicing their real estate needs, ultimately creating clients for life. With over 13 years experience, the NGI team is a force to be reckoned with and actively creates a helpful and reliable environment for its clients. Neylan Group International enjoys working with sellers, buyers, and investors all over the globe every day to turn their ideas into reality.

Sam Neylan


Neylan means ‘with valor’ and valor means ‘great courage or determination in the face of danger, especially in battle’.
And, let’s be honest, Real Estate is often comprised of many battles.
With Sam having grown up in the Real Estate industry, through her experience, skill and international travel, the success of Neylan Group International is rooted in protecting our clients by equipping them with reliable data by which to make informed & strategic decisions for their investments, their families, and their futures. Neylan Group International is relentless in delivering our client’s best interests.